Social ResponsibilityCreative Cluster

The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry of the State of NRW has defined the creative industries as a cluster of excellence. Together with the Ministry we support the exchange of experience between creative talent and the business sector in the joint project "start review".

Social ResponsibilityArt

Santiago supports young artists at the start of their career as well as in their further development: as a sponsor of the initiatives new talents - biennale cologne and WIDE SPACE we actively foster the evolvement of young artists and curators.

Social Involvement Employee Initiatives

Large international or small local initiatives - regardless of their size there are a multitude of organizations that help humans in times of crisis and natural disasters. Our people engage themselves financially and get involved personally to actively support these organizations and initiatives.


Mentoring programs are instruments to enhance personnel development and rear young talent especially at universities. Santiago supports these programs by encouraging young students to develop their personality and their skills.

Corporate Responsibility

We see our responsibility towards society in exactly the same way as we see our commitment in daily work with our clients. For this reason we support initiatives either financially or through projects that we carry out pro bono.

We strive to make a contribution towards the further development of society. In return we receive impulses for ourselves and for the work with our clients.

Art & Creative Talent

Santiago supports young artists through initiatives like "new talents" and "start review". new talents - biennial cologne is the future platform for artistic and creative career starters. Santiago sponsors the sustainability project of the biennial: within the exhibition series WIDE SPACE selected "new talents" have the opportunity to present themselves and their work in the times between the biennials.

With the "start review" project we support the exchange of expertise between creative talent and the business sector together with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry of the state NRW.

Employee Initiatives

Every year Santiago employees internally present social projects they personally are engaged in. They raise funds for these projects from their Santiago colleagues. Santiago as a company doubles the raised donations. In the following year the promoter of an initiative reports on the impact of the raised funds and how the respective initiative has developed since.

Our employees are highly committed to the sponsored social initiatives and we achieve a high transparency concerning the application of funds through our personal engagement. Our employees social commitment sets an example and makes us proud.

Science and Education Initiatives

Santiago promotes students on their way into professional life. Therefore we support mentoring programs in a number of universities like the Technische Universitaet Muenchen or the EBS in Oestrich-Winkel. Each Santiago partner mentors up to five students/doctoral candidates to help them along their career paths. The support ranges from pure coaching to providing contacts for a start in their respective profession.