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Santiago is a specialist for growth. Our clients are global market-leaders in the life science and high tech industries. We support them in the five functional areas that are particularly relevant for growth: These include the development of new business opportunities by advancement of research and development, the expansion of the core business by optimization of sales as well as the creation of the necessary conditions for growth in the most important support functions.

Santiago is a specialist for growth. We support our customers, market-leading companies in the life science and high tech industries worldwide in the five functions that are particularly relevant for growth:

  • We support our clients to grow by identifying and implementing new business opportunities (new markest and/or technologies) by developing their processes and organizational structures in the area of innovation and research and development.
  • We support our clients to grow in their core business by optimizing sales and by supporting mergers and acquisitions. We are specialized in the professionalization of management systems and thus enabling an efficient steering of the company. 
  • We support our clients to grow by creating the necessary conditions in the most important enabling functions: Personnel (HR), Finance and Procurement.

We are experts in organizational solutions – we enable organizations for growth.

Our services range from the development of functional strategies and the adaptation of processes and structures to the development of management and control systems in our focus functions. All projects are supported by a customized transition management including the appropriate change management tools.

Topics like the development of innovation strategies, the standardization of global finance processes, the ramp-up of European HR, Finance or Procurement shared service centers to the further development of sales channels/organizations and the optimization of procurement management and controlling systems are our day to day business.

Our focus is always growth.

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