Philipp König, Principal

Development by Santiago

Santiago offers you opportunities to develop yourself constantly. The pace is up to you. However, for us demanding and encouraging belong together. This is why we support you throughout your career with tailored coaching, training and development programs linked to the Santiago Excellence Programs.

Individual development

Like every other profession, consulting also asks for very specific skills. Consulting market leaders requires operating with the best possible know-how. We help you to acquire the knowledge you need with tailored training courses.

You start your career at Santiago with an intensive initial training in order to familiarize with Santiago's methods and tools. The entry program also helps you integrate and foster exchange with your Santiago colleagues. You will meet your coach and make your first contacts within the company.

After your successful integration, the focus is on your further training. As part of the Santiago Excellence Program, we keep you informed in three areas: personal skills (rhetoric, presentation, leadership, etc.), functional skills (innovation, marketing, etc.) and methodological know-how (pyramidal thinking, functional analysis, etc.).

We expect you to develop at Santiago and we will help you achieving this. That applies to your career and also to your academic training. Tailored support programs are available to help your academic development within the scope of an MBA or a doctor's degree.


We will support you with a fair assessment of your performance at the end of every project and by mutually identifying areas for improvement. Every employee is assigned to a personal coach. As an experienced colleague, your coach will guide you through your integration and professional development.

During integration your coach will help you getting to know the company and quickly establish contact with your colleagues. Your coach will observe your professional development and regularly discuss feedbacks that you receive from your project.


We understand that personal goals can change in the course of time. We stay in contact with our former colleagues and keep up support through the Santiago Alumni Program.

Through the alumni program you obtain access to a wide-ranging network of competencies and contacts. In regular events we give you the opportunity to meet old and new colleagues and renew the Santiago spirit even when you have left the company.

We know that not everyone who joins us, wants to become a partner. Even if you only stay a few years with us, Santiago is an excellent stepping stone for your career. You benefit from our network and may remain via our alumni-program a member of the Santiago community