Our approach

The cooperation with our clients is based on trust and sustainability and is in the end the guarantee to success. This result is due to three key skills that we offer our clients:

Clear structure: We offer our clients an exceptional ability to reduce complexity. This will allow to understand the “genuine” problem in complex and global matters - and thus form the platform for concept development.

Compelling logic: We offer our clients superior conceptual competence which helps us to develop pragmatic and sustainable concepts, based on a transparent initial situation

Convincing communication: We offer our clients an exceptional ability to formulate these solutions "to the point". By this means, the concepts can be approved and at the same time remain comprehensible for management and employees.

Based on these capabilities, we ensure a successful implementation: We are the “Strategy and Structure Advisor”.

Pyramid Thinking

The basis for the success of a project is to have a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the task.This approach is independent of the dimension of the task (entire company, division, department or special topics).

At the beginning it is vital to develop a vision/strategy in order to clearly define the goals. The strategy also needs a clear focus on a defined product portfolio. The business structure and the necessary processes are derived. Tailored management systems are then designed for the defined target organization.

Functional Analysis

Besides having a comprehensive understanding of the task at hand and the defined goals the structure of the analysis is the central basis for the development of a successful concept. The functions of a company provide us with this structure. By individually investigating the organizational units within the project scope, the basis for the implementation of "pyramidal thinking" is created. In almost all organizational units the different functions are not clearly separated due to development over the course of time. Thus, an analytical decomposition is vital to create the necessary transparency.


The functional analysis provides the structure, pyramidal thinking the underlying logic of our approach. As organizational changes are always associated with uncertainty and emotions, it is essential to quickly develop a first orientation ("Blueprint"), which will be further developed in the next project steps.

The tried and tested Santiago approach includes four basic phases:

Preparation:        A detailed preparation is the basis for any successful project
Analysis:             Transparency with regard to challenges – comprehensive & holistic understanding of task
Concept:             Development of a pragmatic approach
Implementation: Overcoming organizational and emotional barriers


Sustainability means permanent change. Permanent change requires "will" and  "ability". ”Will" thrives on understanding the necessity of change and the appreciation of the solution. Thus at the beginning of change projects, initiatives to provide information and motivation are needed in addition to the necessary preconditions (clear transparency, intangible concept). These initiatives include both communicative and organizational measures, for example the development of an integrated project organization. It is of vital importance  for the communication in every project phase to keep the message to the point (even in a highly complex process). This is the only way to reach understanding among employees and management and gain the necessary support.

In the cours of the project it becomes more important to focus on “ability”, i.e. preparing the employees for the new requirements (e.g. adapted processes). In this phase enabling trainings usually gain in importance.

Adequate approaches are an essential part of all Santiago projects. Our change-toolbox contains all necessary tools.

Our principles

The Santiago-approach is based on clear structure, captivating logic and convincing communication. These fundamental attributes are complemented by our work-principles.