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What we offer

Santiago is a specialist for growth. Our clients are global market-leaders in the life science and high tech industries. We support in fields that are particularly relevant for growth. Our experience is summarized in three programs:

  • Together with our clients we identify and implement new business opportunities (new markets and/or technologies) by creating new processes and organizational structures in research and development
  • We support our clients to grow in their core business by optimizing their sales processes and organizations, by structuring and implementing mergers & acquisitions and by professionalizing the management- and leadershipsystems within their organizations
  • We enable our clients’ growth by creating the necessary framework conditions in the central support functions HR, IT, finance and procurement. This includes the design of competitive cost structures up to tailored change management

Our support focuses on organizational aspects - we enable organizations to grow. Our Competence Centers constantly grow and refine our know-how and methodologies to support project success.


Innovation is one of the most important drivers of growth. Efficient innovation requires efficient R&D processes and structures. Optimization opportunities can be found in the area of Innovation-Scouting (identification of new opportunities, e.g. Open Innovation), in an effective evaluation of innovation opportunities, as well as in an efficient development and implementation of approved innovation ideas. These challenges can be mainly rooted back to organizational aspects, e.g. unclear roles and responsibilities between the different players of the innovation-community.

To tackle these organizational challenges we support our clients in all organizational matters along the R&D process. Our services range from breakthrough innovation approaches over the design and implementation of pragmatic assessment methodologies, to laboratory and testing facility concepts and the set-up of global and regional development centres.. The main goal is an effective and efficient steering of the innovation organization and a state-of-the-art innovation controlling to measure innovation performance. Please find more information in our program „InnovationPlus.

Project example: Organizational development Future Business unit

Development of business in new markets or new technologies - that is the job of a Future Business Unit. This can be a difficult task if the roles, responsibilities and processes are not efficient.

Consolidation regional development centers

Knowledge is power - and innovations secure this leading market position. But can innovation output across of several decentral R&D centres be designed more efficient and effective? A case study.


The sales organization is an essential element to realize full growth potential. Examples are the extension of market share in the company’s core business or gaining access to new customer segments with innovative products. Shorter innovation cycles in different industries demand a totally new degree of flexibility in the sales organization. The global management of product portfolios imposes a higher complexity by mixing different types of products and services. This complexity calls for specific organizational solutions to capitalize on market potential.

Therefore we support our clients in all organizational matters along the global sales matrix. Our services range from developing business models for business units (e.g. through new distribution channels) and global and regional sales organizations to the optimization of  global distribution and performance enhancement programs. Improving  efficiency of sales controlling typically completes the development. Please find more information in our program “Vertical Business” .

Restructuring of a sales organization

Significant cost reduction while increasing performance? That this should be no contradiction - Significant cost reduction while increasing performance? That this should be no contradiction - read more about it

Development of a new sales management system

Motivated employees, market opportunities and the sales targets can still be not achieved? Is properly the incentive systems the right choice? An optimized sales controlling system brought finally the desired success.

Driving Sales with Personal Analytics

How to advance sales management and reduce the lack of attention of sales representatives towards their customers?


In addition to a significant value proposition for operational business, the HR function today has to provide tailored HR services at competitive costs in order to support business growth. At the same time it has to define uniform HR-principles (HR-governance) in a global world and implement them. These altered conditions call for an organizational realignment of the HR-function.

We support our clients in the development and implementation of efficient organizational structures in personnel management. Our services range from a holistic reconstruction of the “classic” HR function over a context-specific design of roles and responsibilities and the implementation of a business partner organization to the  role-specific design and implementation of business-oriented business partners to globally effective and efficient HR-Corporate Centers and HR Shared Services. Selected HR-tools (recruiting, personnel development etc.) as well as customized HR-transformation-/change management programs form an integral part of our consulting portfolio. Our methodology can be seen in more detail in the publication "HR Radar:Positioning the HR-function" and provides the basis for an organizational realignment.

Designing, configuration and supporting the implementation of an European Shared Service Center

How should the concept and structure for an European HR Shared Service Center be designed? Read more about it!

Centralization of the HR Function

High heterogeneity of HR processes and inconsistent implementation of HR instruments. At the same time should bei implemented the company's growth strategy. Read more about this success story.

Diversity and Recruiting - further development of recruiting process with respect to diversity aspects

The concept of diversity is more and more an integral part in the HR world. However, there is the question of whether diversity can deliver a value proposition, and if so how can this be made tangibly?


The finance function is the backbone for growth initiatives and thus supports the growth of companies in two ways: First, it secures the necessary liquidity to implement investments; second, a financial organization delivers efficiency and speed by using high-cycle and standardized processes to optimally support the operational business, without a decline in compliance and transparency.

We support CEOs and CFOs in positioning the financial function efficiently and in creating conditions for growth. Our services in the field of finance transformation range from enhancement of global finance governance, structuring of process-oriented organizations to the development and implementation of global and/or regional shared service centers –

In our “Financial Advisory” we provide our clients with the full spectrum of the balance sheet optimizations to asset management in order to support rapid growth.

Please find more information in our products “Financing Growth and Transforming Finance”.

Developing a Finance Transformation and Shared Service Center concept

Redefinition of the role of Finance: From a pure service provider to the enabler of growth. How the implementation barriers were dissolved and the right spirit for change established within the organization - find out here!

Financing Growth

Growth needs to be fueled. How do companies mobilize liquidity in order to increase competitiveness? (German only)

Global Service Provider

Globalization is present especially in the field of Finance. How does a company transformingfrom functionally local focused organization to cross-functional global service organization?

The 10 key success factors of Shared Service Center implementation

How to ensure a successful implementation of Shared Service Center? What are the key success factors?

Leadership Excellence

How to combine regional and global challenges within a efficient Finance organization? Learn more about it.


Procurement is a direct enabler of growth. The ability to provide high quality, reasonably priced parts or services on-time is a prerequisite for growth. Furthermore it is the function within the company generally moving the biggest amount of money (depending on the industry to over 50%). Its streamlined organization makes the difference towards realizing cost advantages for future growth. Also in procurement the challenges in regard to operational issues of recent years (e.g. supply chain management) have increasingly shifted to organizational issues. These organizational issues result from a new understanding of roles in procurement: that of the holistic advisor along the value chain. This requires close cooperation with all business functions and to consequently capitalize on globalization.

We support our clients in all organizational issues within the global procurement community. Our range of services includes the design and development of purchasing organizations (e.g. global shared service centers), the development of strategic and operational procurement units and the increase of process-performance. Developing a performance-based procurement controlling is an integral part of every project. Please find more information on our product “Strategic Procurement 2020”.

Case study: Concept, development and implementation Shared Service Center

Centralization, benchmarking and the elimination of maverick buying have been the focus of the project. The professionalization of the shared service center procurement was the result.

Controlling Excellence

Do you have the right targets? Have you choosen the right strategic focus in procurement? Is the set up of your procurement processes and structures optimal therefore? (German only)

Shared Service Center Procurement

Case study: Successful development of a Procurement Shared Service Center.

Survey 2011: Strategic Procurement 2020

Santiago asked procurement managers about the future role of procurement within the company. How the world will change in this area and what topics currently have the highest priority - learn more about it!



Project example Czech chemical company

A specialty chemical producer with decreasing demand and liquidity problems - an unusual solution brought the success.

Project example South America

Sustainability and profitability are not a contradiction. The proof - concept and design of a platform for the economical production of biokerosene in South America.

Project example America

A practical example: a leading flooring manufactorer in North America in a economical crisis - How to align the future business?

Project example Asia

A major investment project with the necessary know-how led to success


As one of the central facilitators in a company, information technology provides support along the entire value chain. However, IT is today also required to provide direct input for actual value creation. Examples like increasing efficiency, reducing reaction times and facilitating implementation across various business areas and system landscapes reflect the today´s demand by the customers. The environment and demands towards IT have changed and require a smart redesign of the existing IS organization in order to keep up in line with the expectations and evolve towards an even more proactive partner for business.

We support you in developing and realizing state of the art organizational solutions. For us, this means delivering forward thinking organizational concepts leading to a target picture of your IS organization. To reach the target picture, transition steps starting from your organizational status quo will safeguard the transformation. This is of even higher importance if the IS transformation leads to a role extension of the IS department, as this is often the case when organizational solutions for the management of end-to-end processes are sought.

We are also your partner when it comes to specific IS topics, e.g. optimization of the customer interface with an organizational solution for business relationship management. Leading organizational expertise, smart approaches supported with proven methods as well as tools that increase project efficiency are the reason for leading companies to engage together with Santiago in changing their IS organizations. The track record of our projects proves them right.

End2End Prozess Management

Learn more about the integrative role of the IS function in End2End Process Management