Kerstin Spies, Principal

Who we look for

Growth and organization consulting live from skills that are not tied to any specific course of studies. Key for us is your personality, your area of specialization is not of prime importance to us. We are looking for people who are curious and creative, who are able to leave what they know behind them and who are willing to enter uncharted territory – in other words: people who want to make a difference, and who have the skills to take other people along the same path.

Apply for a position if you want to develop new organizational solutions for our clients and are also able to guide them towards these solutions. Santiago offers entry opportunities for professionals and university graduates with initial professional experience or a double qualification.

We expect you to have completed your studies with excellent results. You should also have shown interest in companies and their organization during internships, have studied or worked abroad and have a very good level of international communication skills. A double qualification, either through two courses of studies or a doctoral degree documents your structural abilities and success in high achievements.


An internship at Santiago is like no other. Don’t expect traditional intern's work; instead, for two or three months you will be deployed on site as a full-time team member in one of our projects.

Successful internships may lead to a full-time position offering after college/university graduation.

We expect you to have passed your intermediate examination with excellent results, that you have underpinned your interest in economic interactions in internships before and that you have excellent international language skills (German, English).


If you have completed a master's or graduate course and have some initial professional experience or have a double qualification (such as a doctor's degree), you join us as a consultant.

After an integration phase you will be deployed as a full-time team member in one of our projects. You will take part in the Santiago Personal Excellence Program, in which you will be trained in the competencies needed for organization consulting.

You will get to know different industries, clients and subjects. In this way we give you the opportunity to test your strengths and skills. Over time we expect you to have excelled in one particular area and make valuable contributions to our internal competency development.


Almost half of our consultants have worked for different companies before joining Santiago. We are looking for this experience in order to develop sophisticated solutions for our clients. We offer interested candidates with several years of professional experience an optimum environment for their personal and professional development.

Your entry level – whether senior consultant, principal or partner – depends on your professional experience. We will make you an individual offer that reflects your professional experience. Right from the beginning you will work in one of our projects and develop new perspectives within your specialty. In this way you will experience a steep learning curve.

The change from working in line-management to consulting is demanding. At Santiago you will find an environment that guides you along your path in the best possible way. Experienced project managers will support you on site, your personal coach will assist you with help and advice in all areas associated with your development and, as a member in the Santiago Excellence Program, you will be systematically prepared for the tasks ahead of you.