Marijana Dirrigl, Senior Consultant

What we offer

Advising market leaders in the area of organization is challenging. When a global player wants to develop his organization, excellent concepts are needed. Excellent concepts can be developed only by someone who is able to penetrate the complexity of the status quo in order to recognize the underlying logic. They must also be prepared to reject familiar ideas and find new solutions.

If you have the intellectual curiosity for this task, if you are used to questioning the status quo and if you prefer creative approaches to standardized solutions, in Santiago you will find a partner that expects exactly this – from you. At Santiago you will soon be given the opportunity to take over responsibility and make a difference. At the same time Santiago offers the opportunity to build an entrepreneurial perspective from day one.

Santiago's history is a history of partnership. We believe that the team is more than the sum of its elements.

This is why every individual is important to us. One thing everyone at Santiago has in common is their mutual respect for the skills of the others. The open working atmosphere in our teams is one of the sources of our success. That is something you will notice from the very first day.